English-Russian Consecutive interpreting services

Julia Schelkunova offers Russian-English consecutive interpreting services in the following areas:

  • business meetings and negotiations;
  • seminars and events, including interpreting of official speeches;
  • interpreting and promotional support at exhibitions and trade shows.

Julia Schelkunova hosting a private functionJulia has expertise and experience in the following fields:

  • general business and finance terminology;
  • advertising, marketing and market research;
  • psychology, sociology, psychiatry, human physiology and the the like;
  • agriculture and veterinary;
  • technical fields - Julia has successfuly interpreted technical seminars with the support of properly translated presentation materials by an experienced technical translator.

If more than one interpreter is needed for the upcoming function, Julia will help to source and manage a team of interpreters in different languages (German, French, Spanish), all highly qualified and reliable professionals.

To find out price for interpreting, please visit Services and rates page.



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