Julia Schelkunova

Julia Schelkunova

Certified English/Russian translator, interpreter and tour guide based in Moscow, Russia.

About Julia

  • Native level English speaking ability, impeccable grammar and extensive vocabulary;
  • Diligent, loyal, professionally presented;
  • Thorough knowledge of business etiquette and protocol;
  • Experience interpreting online, on stage, and on camera;
  • Cross-cultural competence;
  • Insights into Russian history and culture.


  • M.A. in linguistics, translation & interpreting, English and Norwegian, from the best language school in Russia, the Moscow State Linguistics University (1995);
  • M.A. in psychology with the focus on social psychology and cross-cultural communication from Russia’s top university, the Moscow State University (1998);
  • Tour guiding license covering all the key sights and museums of Moscow (2005, ongoing training).
  • Unique advantages

    One stop shop solution

    When visiting a foreign country you often need more than just interpreting to make your stay time-efficient and achieve best results

    Business assistance

    Streamlining local meetings, transportation logistics, calling your Russian partners on your behalf, etc.

    Cross-cultural counselling

    Not just interpreting – explaining cultural messages and expectations and mitigating cultural differences.

    Your interpreter is your guide

    Use the time between meetings to learn more about Russian history or set up a city tour or a museum visit to get insights into Russian culture;

    Russian language information sources review

    Your interpreter can research the Russian Internet for relevant information regarding the competition, similar products, make site/store visits complete with a summary in English.

    Our Services


    Russian-English Interpreting

    Julia Schelkunova is a professional certified English-Russian interpreter with 20+ years of experience interpreting in all situations - business meetings and negotiations, conferences, seminars and presentations from stage and on camera, press meetings, interpreting during field trips to other locations such as farms, and construction sites. Also certified to interpret at court, and notary's office.

    • Consectuive interpreting
    • Meetings and negotiations
    • Conferences and seminars
    • Field trips and site visits
    • Delegations escort
    • Court and legal interpreting
    0.06 / Word
    • € 50.00 minimum order
    • Discount up to 10%
    • No VAT required*
    • Free test (up to 300 words)

    Certified Russian-English Translations

    Russian-English translation services – from a private letter or business correspondence to multi-page documents or adverting and promotional texts. I guarantee high quality translation based on my corporate experience in marketing, advertising and PR, formal training in linguistics and translation, psychology, history, and arts.

    • Business documents and contracts
    • Adversting and promotional texts
    • Websites
    • Notarial acts and statements
    • Private and business correspondence
    • Brochures and presentations
    25 / Hour
    • Minimal Job - 4 hours
    • 20% discount on orders > 2 days
    • No VAT required*

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